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IP Autoconfiguration

On Windows 98

IP Autoconfiguration addresses cannot be released.

Use winipcfg or ipconfig at the command line to check the clients ipconfiguration. To disable the assinging of 169.254.xx.xx address by your computer when it is unable to reach a DHCP server:

Run "Regedit.exe" and add the DWORD


     in the following registry key:


 Give it a value of 0.

Release the adapter and reboot the machine. Now the client should not assign an autoconfiguration address to itself.

On Windows NT 4

 There is apparently no autoconfiguration available.

On Windows 2000

You can disable it either per adapter or for all adapaters.

Run Regedt32.exe and add the DWORD


 to the following registry keys giving it a value of 0.


 for disabling for all adapters.


 disabling on a per adapter basis.

 Type hh tcpip.chm::/sag_TCPIP_pro_DisableAutoconfiguration.htm

 into the run line (click run on start menu) to find the help file this information is from on a Windows 2000 system. Support Home

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