Cycles and Fixes

Cycle b68w 21Nov02 IPMANAGER:
 fix: A possible cause of an exception. Several
   DEBUG statements were left in from older
 fix: A trap caused by an INT 3 when a "bad" SAV
   or CFG file is read.
 fix: A problem with the rename of dump files by
   the "Shadow IPserver" service.
 fix: A trap caused by removing all services.
   fix: Autoboot selection now works.
Cycle a68w 15Nov02 NBNS:
 fix: There was a crash because of a stack imbalance
   after sending a "limited" number of datagrams
   and finding the last one was unavailable.
 fix: Some older versions of HP Jetdirect Printers
   sometimes send the HOSTNAME parameter with null
   (zero) characters in the name before the end of
   the name. The IPserver would enter the names
   including the embedded zeroes. Then the display
   would not show the name beyond the interior null.
   The "fix" terminates the name at the first null.
   The IPserver sends maximum Ethernet size packets
   for the following: DNS, DHCP, and NBNS backup,
   NBNS coserver, and IPmanager transactions.
   This enhancement allows the setting of a new
   parameter DATALINK-MTUSIZE to a value between
   384 and 1500. The default is 1500
Cycle 68 08Oct01 DNS:
 fix: Start-up code reads NULL SOA records incorrectly.
Cycle 67 03Oct01 DNS/TCP:
 fix: Trap caused by HTTP/DNS interaction.
Cycle 66 20Sep01 DNS:
 fix: Modify record reclamation to reduce partial, inconsistent
      record data.
 fix: Protect TCP circuits from causing problems when "bad"
      data is sent to the DNS port.
 fix: Correct condition code responses to certain DNS update
      requests which caused W2K to fail to recognize the DNS when
      Active Directory is installed.
 fix: Correct a problem with DNS lookup which can cause bad
      database entries.
 fix: Protect restore of NULL SOA and SRV records from
      over in-crementing some string use counts
 fix: Prevent a particular kind of illegal backup record type.
 fix: Correct a problem that causes incorrect condition code
      responses after DNS coservers are consulted.
 fix: Protect the SOA during zone transfer.
 fix: NBNS save file generation changes Expiration Times to
      arbitrary values.
 fix: Add saving and restoring of the No-Release-Age and
      No-Release-Static flags.
 fix: Trap caused by uninitialized variable when a WAK operation
      finds no challengee.
 fix: Dump SRV record so that it does not stop a zone transfer.
 fix: Correct some ending conditions for Zone Transfer.
 fix: Excess logging on start-up causes trap if there are
      errors configuration file errors.
 fix: Allow change of broadcast address type and subnet mask
      without requiring a restart.
 enh: Add PCI-ID for InBusiness 100 InTel card (82559).
Cycle 65 30Aug01 NBNS:
.) fix: save and restore No-Release-Age and
   No-Release-Static flags
.) fix: fix trap caused by incomplete fix of WAK
   time-out in Cycle 64
.) fix: make datagram-limit of zero be unlimited
.) fix: add sysObject and correct some of the
   other objects for GETs.
Cycle 64 26Jul01 NBNS:
.) Fix: WAK found no challengee trap.
.) Enh: Add configuration parameter to specify
   the TTL returned in a registration response.
.) Enh: Add configuration parameters to prevent
   silent release of dynamics or remote statics.
.) Enh: Add detection for time jumps.
Cycle 63 12Jul01 DNS:
.) Fix: Wildcard processing over increments some
   use counts.
.) Fix: Refresh registrations were not sent to backup.
.) Fix: IGNORE-BOOTP parameter did not set the flag
   in NTS-SRVR.CFG file.
Cycle 62 05Jun01
.) Fix problem with SAV files that causes domain
   names to be changed caused by changes in
   Cycle 59.
Cycle 61 29May01
.) Fix problem causing DDNS records to generate a response
   after they have timed out.
.) Fix a problem which caused a trap when SAV files are
   read that have SOA records with empty Email fields.
.) Fix a problem which caused Authoritative CNAME only
   nameserver responses to prematurely generate a
   client response.
.) Fix a problem in Japanese systems which prevents
   the display of DNS entries.
.) Fix a problem in Japanese systems which prevents
   Apply, OK, Cancel, and Help buttons from working.
Cycle 60 22May01
.) Correct a problem with Configuration Augmentation which
   caused a non-reserved IP address to look like a reserved one.
.) Correct a problem which causes Configurations to lose there
   "configured" options.
.) Change condition code logic to prevent query loop stimulated
   maintained non-authoritative NXDOMAIN responses from forwarders.
.) Add DNS SAV file processing code to correct old SAV file null SOA
   origin and email items to reduce some backup response collisions.
.) Correct a build problem which prevented the update of IPCLI.
Cycle 59 14May01
.) Fix problem with saving very long DNS domain names.
.) fix problem with DNS SAV file which causes bad domain names.
.) fix problem with DNS Nameserver search.
.) Put in zone-transfer restriction.
.) Fix problem with SOA old use counts.
.) Prevent reservations without IP addresses from permanently
   reserving IP address once it is leased.
.) Remove old "send-domain" keyword and parameter.
.) fix "WAK tandem" requests from permanently holding a queue location.
   and preventing released entries from being expunged.
.) fix problem caused by certain data patterns in ClientIDs.
.) restrict SOA editing to require Origin and Email fields.
.) fixed "close" with X in upper right corner on several dialog boxes.
Cycle 58 30Apr01 DNS:
.) fix: Bug in Nameserver search that prevented
   some resolutions from completing.
.) enh: Set greater depth of CNAME chase for
   mulitple CNAME sites.
Cycle 57 18Apr01 DHCP:
.) fix: optionset editing problem
.) fix: use count problem
.) fix: getwindowinfo problem
.) Enh: optionset editing problem
Cycle 56 04Apr01 DHCP:
.) fix: add restrictions on backup packets to prevent NAK
replies from being coverted to ACKs with no options.
.) fix: in SAV generation that causes faulty GIADDRs.
.) Add routine that repairs faulty GIADDRs from SAV file.
.) Hnhance code that removes duplicates to include "leases"
   detected when reading the DHCP SAV file.
.) fix: trap on restart when nickname and description
   of a defined option are the identical.
.) fix: Configuration database out of order from incomplete sort.
.) fix: NS chase code which eventually causes "no free queue" error.
.) enh: additional exclusions for coservers as nameservers.
.) fix: prevent Wildcard queries for NS and SOA types.
.) fix: Null SOA records getting corrupted from backup.
.) fix: Problem caused by damage of NS and A record pair between
   a resolution nameserver query and the response or timeout.
.) fix: round robin code caused database order problem.
.) fix: negative SRV records not backed up.
.) Enh: Make DNSRESTARTS configurable.
.) Enh: Add various tooltips.
Cycle 55 06Mar01 DNS:
   fix: Prevent the use of self-referencing NS/A records
   to allow NSLOOKUP to provide the server name
   without using itself as a delegation.
   Enh: Switch to "HTML help" from "WinHelp".
Cycle 54 20Feb01 DNS:
   fix: When DNSUSENBNS is enabled and a query for an SOA record
   below an Authoritative zone refers to NBNS the security
   pointer is clobbered and a trap occurs on the next DNS
   record recovery.
   fix: When an NBNS "delete" or "add" is processed the operation
   takes place but the return code signals "version error".
Cycle 53 16Feb01 DNS:
   fix: an NS record at the same level as an SOA was not
   treated as a delegation.
Cycle 52 13Feb01 DHCP:
 fix: make a ping response cancel a lease
 enh: add PING-LEASES parameter.
 enh: SNMP-MANAGER restore and save
 fix: unwanted responses left inconsistent use counts.
 fix: SOA security string initialized incorrectly
 fix: incorrect msg mask for DECLINE
 fix: datagrams so that they can be sent now
 enh: add ping-leases display
 enh: add snmp-manager display
 enh:change a snmp TRAP logit from red to white
Cycle 51 06Feb01 DHCP:
  fix: NAK to "select" type request after PING finds previous
  lease in use by another workstation. Added a PING-LEASE
  parameter to allow adjustment to the method.
  fix: Problem since Cycle 47 which prevented sending NETBIOS DATAGRAMS.
  enh: Added an SNMP-MANAGER parameter and a COLD-START SNMP TRAP.
Cycle 50 26Jan01 DNS:
  Add DNS updates per RFC 2136, this complements the SRV records
    already implemented per RFC 2052
    .) Add "security" field in SOA for limiting the IP addresses from
       which updates will be honored.
    .) Add a configuration item ALLOW_DNS_UPDATES.

  Change queuing to delay recovery of negative cache entries
    so that negative caching works better.

  fix trap caused by erroneous recovery of duplicates in PING wait.
  report all zeroes MAC address separately.

  fix trap caused by recovery of backup items during a save.

  fix freeze out of display because of too much input.

  fix screen overflow for long DNS names

Cycle 49 05Jan01 MANAGER:
  fix: Fix a trap that is caused by editing a DNS entry
       when the backup server is unavailable.
  fix: Fix a problem of age-list order that causes NBNS
       entries to not be released.
Cycle 48 12Dec00 DNS:
  summary: Several problems caused traps and usage loops in DNS.
  fix: Change protection of ORIGIN and EMAIL fields in SOA.
  fix: Attempt to prevent SOA from pointing to itself by specifying
       A records for ORIGIN and EMAIL items.
  fix: Update correct item in SRV section.
  fix: Incorrect jump in SOA processing.
  fix: Target protection in SRV.
  fix: Update register for editing SRV and SOA.
  fix: restrict CNAME chase to valid entries.
  fix: to allow CNAME chase to send correct question.
  fix: remove queueing and dequeueing from backup reset sort to prevent trap
  fix: terminate NS chase with failure instead of restart
  enh: add comment ability to NBN file
  fix: datagram limit restore problem
  enh: Reduce POOL scan time with additional filters.
  fix: reduce restriction on IP release to prevent "out of IP addresses"
  enh: add total length check
Cycle 47 03Nov00 NBNS(WINS):
  1) Include a method for limiting and/or turning off datagram
  2) Fix a bug, which caused another query to the same challengee,
      when the challengee responded negatively, causing excessive
      network traffic.
  3) Fix a bug which caused a trap and failure to delete if hex
      translation contained embedded left brackets.
  4) Change Scroll-lock (backup reset) to F10 on the log screen only.
  5) Remove the ability to get screen shots (which cause traps on S30s).
  6) Added a "ConfigDel" command for deletion of configurations
Cycle 46 25Sep00 DNS:
  fix: OPEN: unbalanced internal return from timout (TRAP).
  fix: incorrect conversion of staic nulls.
  fix: Wrong register use in DEC DNS use (TRAP)
Cycle 45 01Sep00 DNS: 
  Fix:  Sort bug that leaves free queue head clobbered (TRAP). 
  Fix:  SOA response causing null question to turn into a static. 
  Fix:  A register clobber in DNS. 
  Fix:  Prevent zeroing the TTL in static entries in backup reset. 
  Fix:  Fix old fall through bug at DO_A_DISK_OP. 
  Enh: Add SRV output to ZONE transfer. 
  Enh: Convert unused null statics to positive in backup reset 
           and decrement use.
Cycle 44 24Aug00 NBNS: 
  Fix:  .) Group statics only flag does not work with 
              NBNS queries.
Cycle 43 21Aug00 IPmanager: 
  Fix:  .) problem with DNS tree displays. 
  Fix:  .) problem with records having [..] (hex) notation.
Cycle 42 15Aug00 DHCP: 
  Fix:  .) problem that leaves Optionset references undefined in backup. 
  Fix:  .) timer problem causing multiple backup resends. 
  Fix:  .) send backup item responses immediately. 

  Enh:  .) purge useless duplicate entries on backup reset. 
  Enh:  .) add log messages for "backup limited". 
  Enh:  .) display backup limited state ("?") for CFGs. 

Cycle 41 28Jul00 DHCP: 
  Fix:  .) Cause of trap when deleting configurations. 
              If SAV file has erroneous release flags set 
              they should be reset when they are read in.
Cycle 40 25Jul00 DNS: 
  fix:  Trap in DNS when spawned request does not return after 
          timeout generates negative response. 
  fix:  The Name field in a reservation was not moving along with the 
          other fields on a ping response. 
  fix:  manager for update of server 
         and DNSBACKUP_ADDR 
 enh: enhance port unreachable decodes
Cycle 39 17Jul00 NBNS: 
  Fix:     .) Coserver packet format problem. 
                 Caused in Cycle 35
Cycle 38 10Jul00 MANAGER: 
  Fix:     .) Manager packet size problem in DNS display 
  Fix:     .) Cause of trap when updating from pool options 
  Fix:     .) Cause of trap in DNSUSENBNS with NBNS tandems. 
  Fix:     .) Set AA for DDNS entries 
  Fix:     .) Case sensitivity in queries 
  Fix:     .) "A" record count inacurracy 
  Fix:     .) "A" record recovery problem 
              .) Change some macros to subroutines 
             .) Prevent SCROLL-LOCK from doing backup reset 
           when OUTAHERE is off. 
  Fix:     .) Greyed Userclassid 
  Fix:     .) Prevent server messages when deleting tree view entries 
             .) Allow filtering of Tree view in DNS 
             .) Change DNS display to single click 
             .) Cause filter change to refresh from server 
             .) Change about box for version and cycle 
             .) Change eval time-out message 
             .) Separate Attribute (Static etc.) column in DNS display
Cycle 37 30Jun00 .) Fixes: 
   DHCP: .) Windows CE clients do not accept a DHCPOFFER which 
                    has no SUBNETMASK: send subnetmask in OFFER 
                .) Fill BOOTP response packets only to BOOTP.VEND limit 
   DNS:    .) Check for released before generating response. 
                .) Retain old state (static/dynmaic etc) in released entry. 
                .) Expunge released entries when backup times out. 
                .) Trigger backup reset on startup. 
   IPM:    .) make NS records appear in proper domain. 
                .) Add display filter of released entries. 
                .) Add indicator of released entries. 
                .) Add display of NAK-UNKNOWN-RENEWALS. 
   RUR file: 
                .) Increase users to 32 from 8 
                .) Runs on WINDOWS 2000. 
                .) Now has an Update feature. 
                .) No reboot required. 
                .) Network Control Panel not used to Add or Update service. 
                .) All questions asked before any action taken. 
                .) Update install directory can be changed. 
                .) SHADOW.SYS need not be in drivers directory. 
                .) ROOT SERVERS file installed if no DNS or DNS SAV 
                   file exists. 
                .) NTS-ROOT.DNS file added to sample directory.
Cycle 36 26Jun00 .) Fixes: 
   DHCP: Renewal NAKs were broadcast even for remote networks. 
                changed to send all renewal responses direct to client. 
                Allow UserClassID in Configurations to be editted. 
   DNS:   Change manager to display NS records in the domain 
                of the record itself and not the next up. 
   INIT:   Restore for (DHCP/DNS)-wait-limit parameters.
Cycle 35 21Jun00 .) "CNAME and NS chasing" 
    DNS was changed to allow separate resolutions to be started 
    for CNAME and NS records which have no corresponding A records. 

.) "Backup Smoothing" 
    DNS and DHCP were changed to allow better backup communication 
    especially at startup and reset (resync). Two new parameters allow for
    adjustment of the "wait" limit. Low numbers (default) are 
    recommended. These numbers restrict the number of items that 
    can be waiting for a backup response. 

.) "DHCP renewals" 
    .) Update from pool options on renewals and other "old" requests. 
       Allows changing parameters in POOLs as well as OPTIONSETS 
       and have them be sent in the next renewal. 
    .) Allow remote leased renewals to qualify based on a previous 
       GIADDR field. 
    .) Allow remote unknown renewals to qualify based on their IP 
       address. Given the setting of the new parameter: 

.) "NBNS Static delete" 
    Change to only send information with local origin (and nulls) 
    Helps delete static entries from a group of coservers. 

.) "No Forward Sub-zones" 
    DNS was changed to allow sub-zone NS records to be consulted 
    even if there are forwarders. 

.) "SRV records" 
    DNS was changed to support SRV records. They may be entered manually 
    through the IPmanager or in the NTS-SRVR.DNS file. See RFC 2782. 

.) Other Improvements: 
   DHCP: Only turn off ping response but keep time-out in new lease. 
         Prevents ping of station that just got a lease. 
   DNS:  Set AA only from a name server response. 
   DNS:  Improved selection for record recovery base on TTL. 
   DNS:  Improved protection of name server records during a resolution. 
   DNS   Improve selection of name server based on prior performance. 
   UDP:  Remove red message for "IP source matches server source" 
         (if it's potentially a loop-back) (NT) 
   IMP:  Ignore invalid config types in NTS-CFG-.SAV 
   CFG:  Remove necessity in CFG/DHC files for ";" 
   CFG:  Remove necessity for last digit in IP address in CFG/DHC files 
   UI:   Change user interface: 
      Allow pageup/down in CFG display 
      Allow jump keys to various screens 
      Allow filter CFG by pool 
      Show pool for CFG 
      Allow filter pool by CFG 
      Better display of defined options 
      Improved display of DNS types 
      Allow jump to object of DNS records. 

.) Notes 
   .) Backup is restricted to Cycle 35 only for DHCP and DNS. 

.) "Remove parameters" 
    The following unused parameters were removed. 

.) "Add counters" 
    Some counters for DNS events were added. Further enhancements 
    are planned in this area soon. 

.) Fixes: 

       Packet length for 82558 (for history files). 
       Prevent pool qualification if range is empty. 
       Pool comparison for flags only difference. 

       Counters for DNS records types. 
       Correct time reference for expiration. 
       Problem with TXT and HINFO strings. 
       PTR backup collisions. 
       SOA duplicates from backup. 
       SOA TTL becoming 0 from backup. 
       Prevent piggybacking on internals. 
       Abort if bad save file. 
       Trap on bad IP address in SAV file (just abort). 
       Manager errors caused uses count errors. 

       DNS display with data. 

.) "UPDATE packets" 
    DNS was partially updated to receive (but not honor) UPD packets per 
    RFC 2136. (The update reception logic will be fully implemented in 
    a new cycle soon).

Cycle 34 19Apr00 .) Change Pools to 1024 and Optionsets to 128
Cycle 33 14Apr00 .) Change DHCP to fix the problem that causes failure to grant an IP 
    associated with the message: 
    "DHCP: pool scan: no IP addresses except recent pings available"
Cycle 32 06Apr00 .) Change the TTL=0 logic to allow a short time to respond. 
.) Change the DNS answer generation for zone transfer to skip CNAMEs 
    when generating the SOA answer. The zone transfer was failing if there 
    was a CNAME with the same name as the SOA. 
.) Change the DNS to allow search the entire coserver list in the case that 
    we are authoritative. This also should help the problem of not going to 
    NBNS after the coservers were polled. 
.) Change the PCI-3COM scan to include bus 1. 
.) Change the manager time retrieval to remove an extra add of the 
    TTL. Change the IPmanager to remove the "expired" concept for 
    NBNS. There are only STATIC, DYNAMIC and RELEASED.
Cycle 30 21Mar00 .) Correct bug which prevents BOOTP requests from getting an address. 
.) Correct bug which causes INFINITE lease for Novell clients. 
.) Correct bug which causes "DNS cache full" when backup queues are 
Cycle 29 16Mar00 .) Correct bug which limits the DNS cache when a particular entry is on the 
    free queue. 
.) Allow install of manager on W2K. 
.) Update Java manager. 
.) Update IPmanager.
Cycle 28 07Feb00 .) Detect and correct problems in NTS-DNS-.SAV of the DNS database 
    being out of order.
Cycle 27 (unused)
Cycle 26 20Jan00 .) Allow automatic renumbering of 3.03 options 128,210,211, and automatic 
    defined options for those which are used. This is a change to the way the 
    3.04 reads a 3.03 NTS-DHC-.SAV file. 
.) a small change Y2K for HTML 
.) a change to reduce the time drift in NT.
Cycle 25 22Dec99 .) Bugfix for trap case where a DDNS fixups of the SAV file from 3.03 
    have 2 "use"s and pop order is incorrect. 
.) Change Server UI to say 3.042-25
Cycle 24 20Dec99 .) Bugfix for trap case where a referenced entry is erroneously put on 
    the free list. 
.) Support for 3C905C 
.) Allow multiple Request IP parameters to allow W95 "ghost boot" disk 
    to get an address and not hang. 
.) Fix for problems occurring when there is a combination of 
    NTS-DNS-.SAV and NTS-SRVR.DHC files. 
.) Fix erroneous reference to group flag which prevented coserving. 
.) Change option string length for trailing zeroes.
Cycle 23 16Nov99 DHCP Relay Agent: 
    .) Cycle 21 prevented update of GIADDR field in CFG on a renew or 
        release because these packets are point to point. This allows 
        requalification on a renewal so that pool ranges may be edited and be 
        sensed by the client at renewal time. Cycle 23 adds a flag for deciding 
        whether to send to the client or to the relay agent. 
    .) Make changes that allow the stack to be recovered in an IPserverNT 
        dump file.
Cycle 22 12Nov99 DNS backup: 
    .) Protect the entry flags that are clobbered when a negative 
        (NXDOMAIN or NODATA) entry with null info is received from 
        the DNS backup and there is a local non-null entry. 
Cycle 21 08Nov99 IPManager: 
    .) Change version to 3.042 
    .) Improve IPManager transparency of DNS names. (Allow any 
        character except for 0) 
    .) Limit transmissions to manager to "positive" for now. 
        .) Save Negative cache entries in the NTS-DNS-.SAV file. 
        .) Fix many problems having to do with negative caching. 
        .) Respond (negatively) to DNS "un-implemented" question types. 
        .) Change DNS backup cookie so that this cycle will not communicate 
            with previous servers in DNS backup. 
        .) Enhance server DNS display. 
        .) Fix the problem of NAK after an offer caused by incorrect 
            calculation of CFG valid from unknown renewal. 
            .) Re-qualify renewals based on GIADDR from "select" or 
                "reboot" or "rebind" 
            .) prevent updating the GIADDR on renewals and releases 
        .) Send subnet mask even if not configured or requested because 
            NT "services.exe" crashes otherwise. 
        .) Add the parameter DHCP_SEND_DOMAIN to allow sending the 
            domain in an ACK if it is configured even if it is not in the 
            parameter request list. 
        .) Remove incorrect MAC address from some log printouts. 
        .) Allow IP source to be different from the NBNS Registration 
        .) Fix trap caused by "out of entries" in building a coserver packet.
Cycle 20 28Sep99 .) Add use of frequency return in KeQeuryPerformanceCounter to prevent 
    time from advancing quickly into the future. 
.) Turn off PING response state in valid entries along with NAK at "use 
    old". This was preventing a workstation with a LEASE from getting a 
    new OFFER or ACK. 
.) Fix flag response on "normal" (non-1C) groups Was 0080, is 8000. 
.) IFDEF around use of IO for NT in history files. Makes it the same as 
    logit now. 
.) change "int 1"s to OOPS. Not sure what int 1 does without soft-ice.
Cycle 19 22Sep99 .) Fixed a bug in NBNS that sends the wrong flags in a WINS mode group 
    query response. 
.) Change to use normal priority and to record and strange return from 
    KeWaitForSingleEvent in an attempt to chase NT hang problem. 
.) Change to avoid compiler trap.
Cycle 18 20Sep99 I made a 1 character change to NBNSDNS.ASM
Cycle 17 14Sep99 Fix problem of deleting SOA
Cycle 16 09Sep99 DNS: NODATA code after DNSUSENBNS creates an illegal entry. 
DNS: upside down or instruction creates illegal entry. 
NBNS: WINS-MODE 1E acts like any other non-1C group i.e. it responds 
    negative unless there is one the it responds positive with FFFFFFFF 
The history file only had rare output packets because of failure to reset the 
    packet saved flag (this was fixed once in 3.1) 
The dump only came out to 7 megabytes because the loading order has changed.
August Cycles .) DNS NXDOMAIN entries erroneously added to DDNS queue. 
.) DHCP defined options backup caused backup to crash. 
.) HW database entry trap. 
    .) fix in NBNS for multihoming. 
    .) 64k names and entries. 
    .) Statics keep out cached entries in DNS because the statics on the 
        inside (of a firewall) are meant to override cached entries   from the 
    .) A fix obscure manager problem. 
    .) A check for DNS name server records that point to self.
July Cycles IPserver: 
    .) fixes for DNS CNAME problem. 
    .) fix for a Y2K problem that caused files to be saved with date of 2040 
        instead of 2000. 
    .) Fix for a DNS tree display problem. 
    .) Added support for Reservations-Only. 
    .) Added support for SNMP GetCommunity String and SetCommunity 
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