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To keep the Novell Client from sending an Inform:

Novell Client 3.0.x on Windows 95

1) Update client on windows 95/98 Novell version 3.1.0 or higher
2) Select custom install.
3) Select protocol IPX.
4) Within the components list make sure Novell NetWare IP Protocol is selected
5) Reboot

(from document 2949924 on

Novell Client 4.71 on Windows NT 4.0

When installing select IPX only. The Client can also be reinstalled without removing it first.
You can either reinstall selecting IPX only or do the following procedure:

There are two ways to get to the Novell Client Configuration Control Panel. Either A or B
A) From the Novell tray Icon.
     1) Right Click on the red "N" in the Tray.
     2) Select "Novell Client Properties".
B) From the Control Panel:
     1) Select Network.
     2) Click on the Services Tab.
     3) Select "Novell Client for Windows NT" service.
     4) Click on the Properties button.
Now you are at the Novell Client Configuration Control Panel.
1) Click on the Advanced Properties Tab.
2) Select "All", or "SLP General" in the "Parameter Groups" pull down.
3) "Use DHCP for SLP" should have a setting of "off" in the "Setting" pull down.
4) Reboot.
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