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Shadow IPserver Hardware Platform Summary

IPserver S55
# Clients per Server
Intel Celeron, 366 MHz
Software LEDs
Redundant Ball-Bearing Fans
2U Rackmount or Desktop
3.4" x 17" x 17"
86 mm x 432 mm x 432 mm
23 lbs/10.45 Kg


Shadow IPserver Software Platform Summary

IPserver Software Only
IPserver NT
IPserver for Intel
# Clients per server
Operating System
Hardware Requirements
NT40/W2K System
80486,16MB RAM IDE Drive (120 MB+), Intel ( I82557, I82558, I82559 ),
3com ( 3c509, 3c905 ), or
NE2000 NICs


IPserver Platform

  • Integrated DHCP, DDNS,and NBNS/WINS services
  • Server communication for service replication, automatic database synchronization in real-time; complete database refresh when a peer service is added or restarted
  • MD5 authentication and RC4 encryption of traffic sent between IPserver and all remote management applications; multiple administrators with access priveleges
  • On-line configuration changes in real-time; complete visibility into service operation and runtime database
  • Support for between 100 and 8,000 clients depending on version, up to 65,000 dynamic names per server
  • Automatic restart on server failure
  • History files that record detail of all IPserver packet traffic; promiscuous mode option for detailed analysis of network traffic
  • Router assignment from router discovery protocol (RFC 1252). Time synchronization from Network Time Protocol (RFC 1035)
  • Cross service configuration validation (e.g., DHCP automatically excludes known conflicts including router, DNS, and reserved addresses
  • SNMP support
  • Available as integrated hardware solution or as a Windows NT/W2K/XP (workstation or server) service


DHCP Service

  • DHCP/BootP; RFCs 951, 1497, 1531, 1532, 1534, 1542, 2131, 2132, 2242
  • Real-time replication of database offers load balancing and continuous service if one server becomes unreachable
  • Dynamic load balancing of service assignments (e.g., distributing DDNS, NBNS/WINS, and gateway primary/secondary address lists
  • Mulitple logical subnetworks per segment, CIDR, VLSM
  • DHCP and BootP entries may be statically defined, dynamically assigned from an address pool, or specified for refusal
  • Auto learn of MAC address for DHCP and BootP entries
  • Policy administration through qualified pools and structured DHCP option sets
  • Client qualification by relay agent, MAC address, Client ID, User Class ID, Vendor Class ID, or server-defined groupings
  • DHCP options may be uniquely specified, or dynamically assigned using named option sets
  • Pools can be defined for shared IP address space, overlapping space, or a unique range
  • Ping address validation and time-outs configurable per address, per pool, or per server database
  • Server identification protects clients from rogue DHCP servers


Dynamic DNS Service

  • DNS (RFCs 1034, 1035)
  • Dynamic DNS support (DDNS), real-time update from DHCP-assigned IP address
  • Caching DNS, DNS forwarder, DNS zone transfers
  • Real-time display and management of dynamic and permanent DNS entries
  • Replicated DNS server pair provides real-time backup for all dynamic names
  • Distributed DNS co-servers can be IPservers DNS or any standard third-party DNS servers
  • Load balancing through DNS "round robin" response
  • Group host names supporting distributed policy management applications
  • Server-based triggers create multiple name entries from singe DHCP update
  • Name precedence protects against name stealing from dynamic updates



  • Fully standards-compliant (RFCs 1001, 1002)
  • NetBIOS over TCP/IP name service for Microsoft, IBM, and UNIX/Samba
  • NetBIOS Datagram Distributor
  • Supoort for static, P-node, and H-node NetBIOS name entries
  • DNS and NBNS/WINS integration, name conversion and NetBIOS lookups via DNS request
  • Distributed NBNS/WINS co-servers(no push-pull replication required)


Shadow IPmanager

  • Real-time graphical management of all system parameters and service databases
  • Sorting by columns, mulitple record selection
  • Server-based record filtering for responsive remote display
  • Text file export of database and configuration information
  • Available for Windows 95/98/ME/NT40/W2K/XP/2003 systems with at least Winsock 1.1 support
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