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Centrally control dynamic IP services

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IPcentral provides a comprehensive standalone intranet management tool useful for tracking manual IP address assignment and use. However it becomes more effective when combined with the power of automated IP management services.

These automated services include Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), Dynamic Domain Name Server (DNS), and NetBIOS Name Server (NBNS/WINS). IPcentral's companion, Shadow IPserver™, delivers these services as an integrated, reliable, and scalable automated IP management platform.

DHCP automates IP address and configuration assignment and tracking. Through IPcentral, you can define and implement global and local DHCP policies to dramatically simplify network administration:

  • Address "Pools" can be centrally defined according to your network model. These blocks of address space, defined by IPcentral, can then be allocated through operational IPservers.
  • Client "Reservations" define specific configurations. Using the same drag-and-drop technique, IPcentral also creates operational DHCP reservations from the database model.
  • Centrally controlled DHCP "Option Sets" can be defined and applied to multiple networks or subnets. Option Sets enable you to efficiently describe a configuration policy--for example, "Backbone", "Executives", or "Temp". IPserver then uses these Option Sets to assign similar desktop network configurations to structured groups.

IPcentral can deposit DNS updates directly into Shadow's Dynamic DNS service while it is in operation. IPcentral also provides the ability to view the active Shadow Dynamic DNS and to upload all configured and cached (learned) naming information. DNS names may be added, deleted, or modified individually without restarting the server. IPcentral database and GUI facilities also simplify management of DNS zone files.


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