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Secure centralized management of dynamic IP networks requires both off-line tools for planning and policy control along with interactive tools for remote real-time administration and troubleshooting.

IPcentralTM  is a graphical enterprise management tool for modeling your entire network as an SQL database. Unlike alternative products, IPcentral is not required for execution of IP services, but focuses on IP network design, presentation, change, reporting, importing, archiving and administration security. IPcentral replaces manual spreadsheets and home-grown applications to also incorporate static and dynamic information from existing BIND DNS, and IPservers. Server monitoring and maintenance scheduling tools are also included.

IPmanagerTM  is available as a Windows 95/98/ME/NT/W2K/XP application. IPmanager offers remote, interactive control of operational IPservers in real-time. The application offers administrators an efficient graphical console to see and control running DHCP/DDNS/NBNS databases and server configuration.

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