Shadow IPcentral™
Understand, plan, and manage your entire IP space

Shadow IPcentral uniquely consolidates static IP address entries along with dynamic information from multiple IPservers or BIND DNS servers into a consolidated SQL database. With this tool you can efficiently manage all IP addresses, domain names, NetBIOS names, and desktop network configurations for an entire network.

IPcentral Screen Shot


Simplify IP management with graphical tools Understand and organize your entire IP address space using the familiar Microsoft BackOfficeTM interface. Quickly drill down to individual subnets and see both static and dynamic assignments "at a glance".
Structure your IP space Simplify creation of networks, subnetworks, and masks using visual tools. Then easily and consistently implement structured IP management policies using defined DHCP options.
Centrally control dynamic IP services IPcentral fully manages one or more IP servers or BIND DNS servers.
Integrate static and dynamic IP information Efficiently reconcile static assignments maintained in the SQL database with those allocated using automated IP services.
Define, then implement network design Once defined using IPcentral, new networks or changes to an existing network can be implemented on operational servers using drag-and-drop.
Copy and archive server configurations Copy configurations across servers, and save current configurations for reporting, analysis, or archival.
Import existing IP data IPcentral's import wizard can be used to incorporate existing IP information.
Integrate with existing management systems Use the open SQL database and developers' kit to add custom functionality and integrate with existing management systems.
Secure administration by user IPcentral supports multiple, simultaneous users. Each administrator can be defined with appropriate administrative privileges.

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